Project Activities 2009-2010

1. Assessment of health infrastructure
Training in rapid field collection of health service data (infrastructure, staff skills and critical care available). Assessment of health facilities and the services/interventions provided in 6 districts.

See some results from the activity here.

Download a conference paper describing this activity:
Mobile mapping for the rapid field assessment of health infrastructure and service provision in remote, rural eastern Indonesia. (pdf)

2. Health mapping for improved resource allocation and advocacy
Training of health department staff in health mapping using free software (Open Jump).
Training exercises included entering health facility locations in Provincial maternal and Neonatal health database, mapping health indicators, and mapping critical health care (e.g. PONED).
See some results from the activity here.

3. Puskesmas health data collection, visualisation and quality
(a) Before implementation of clinic database, monitor time spent by clinic staff in recording & reporting health data
(b) Training in using and maintaining clinic database for recording, reporting and visualising clinic data
(c) After implementing clinic database, monitor and evaluate impacts of database use
See the results from the activity here.

4. Train-the trainer – for greater adoption
Develop training materials including videos and CDs.
Train-the-trainer for health department staff to deliver training in rapid field collection and health mapping.
View the screen video tutorial for health mapping using open source (open-jump) software here.

Poster output:

Maternal and neonatal health mapping in the
Eastern Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara Timur

View English language version.

View Indonesian Language version.


Activities and results from previous health mapping PSLP (2008-2009).

Results Seminar at CDU. Presentations where given about the results of the project in NTT as well as a summary of health conditions in NTT by Dr Stef Bria (Head of Provincial Dept of health) and a presentation on Maternal mortality mapping in South Sulawesi.
Intensive training in Service Availability Mapping conducted at Charles Darwin University from 7-12th of may
Training in data collection and use of visualisation/analysis software conducted in west Timor (Timor Tengah Selatan) and (Flores Ngada, Nagekeo), November 2nd-12th. Follow-up training/mentoring was conducted from 21st of march to the 2nd of April 2009.

Introductory Workshop, 1st-2nd Sept. The workshop described principles and applications of public health mapping.